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FeedDeck 2.1 released

This new version of the personal feed reader for iPad contains the following changes:

– Compatible with more feeds.
– Articles are saved in reader mode for offline reading.
– Support for iOS 6 sharing features.
– Open articles in Safari, iCab Mobile, Instapaper, and Readability.
– Stability and performance improvements
– Requires iOS 6.

FeedDeck 2.0 released

FeedDeck 2.0 contains the following new features

  • Go directly to website
  • Reader mode for full articles
  • Customize font size, margins, and line heights
  • Tap zones to navigate between articles

Other improvements include

  • Fixed crash on iOS 5
  • Better retrieval of feed icons
  • Compatible with more feeds


FeedDeck 1.0 for iPad released

FeedDeck is a feed (RSS or Atom) reader for iPad. It is a personal reader meaning you do not have to tell Google or anyone else about the feeds that interest you. FeedDeck has a modern sleek interface driven by swipe, pull and scroll gestures for a clean look.