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WordQuiz 2011.07.07 released

WordQuiz for Windows and Mac OS X have both been updated. This release improves the handling of images on flashcards by supporting more formats and always drawing at highest possible resolution. Other minor tweaks and improvements.

WordQuiz 2010.12.10 released

WordQuiz for Windows and Mac OS X have both been updated. This is a maintenance release that corrects selecting a font for the editor and the handling of csv and html exports. The handling of right-to-left languages has also been improved.

WordQuiz 2010.09.06 released

Both the Windows and Mac versions of WordQuiz have been updated. The new versions bring closer feature parity with KWordQuiz. You can now add images and sounds to vocabulary entries. The uses of images and sounds will be further expanded in the future.

Also corrects an issue where an error message sometimes was shown when saving a file with a new name.

There are a lot of flashcard sets available at Most of them can easily be imported into WordQuiz and KWordQuiz.

Locate the set you are interested in on the Quizlet web site. When viewing a flashcard set click on the Export button at the top of the list.

Use Tab as the Word-Def Delimiter. Use New Line as the Def-Word Delimiter. Click Select All in the Data box. Copy to clipboard.

In (K)WordQuiz, create a new vocabulary and select Paste. The program will automatically calculate and add rows if needed.

Change the column titles and save the new vocabulary.

WordQuiz for Mac OS X Released

This is the first publicly available version of WordQuiz for Mac OS X. It has been developed and tested on Snow Leopard, but should work also on Leopard. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

It is based on the same cross-platform source code as WordQuiz for Windows and KWordQuiz. The same vocabulary files can be used with all versions of the program.

WordQuiz is dead, long live WordQuiz!

Today I released a completely new version of WordQuiz (2010.07.27). The old shareware version no longer exists.

The new WordQuiz has come full circle and is based on the the KDE version known as KWordQuiz. WordQuiz is provided as an easy to download, install and use version for Windows XP and newer.

The best news is that WordQuiz now is completely free open source software.

If you have used WordQuiz before you might want to switch with caution as several things behave differently and some features are missing.

WordQuiz 5.4.0 released

This release features an enhanced user interface with visual themes. Additional progress information is also provided in the quiz windows. Issues found since the last release have been corrected.

WordQuiz 5.3.2 released

This is a maintenance release of WordQuiz. All issues reported since the previous release have been corrected. Parts of the user interface has also been made more consistent in look and feel.