WordQuiz is a tool for learning the vocabulary of a new language. Now you can start to use its power for easy vocabulary learning.

With WordQuiz you build vocabularies in a two-column table. In one column you enter the words or expressions in one language, and in the other column the corresponding word or expression in another language. You can also use WordQuiz to practice other things, as long as there is a pair-wise relation. Examples are medical or legal terminology. If you look at the screenshots there is an example with the different US states and their capitals.

The power of WordQuiz shows when you are ready to start a quiz. WordQuiz features five different quiz modes. You practice on the vocabulary in sequential or random order in both directions. You get instant feedback on correct and incorrect answers. If some answers are incorrect you can repeat those words to further improve your learning efficiency.

WordQuiz is completely free software with the source code made freely available.

What’s new in recent versions:

  • Redesigned interface based on KWordQuiz.
  • Available for both Mac and Windows.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Uses the KDE vocabulary file format by default.
  • Can import older .wql files, but this format is no longer supported for saving.
  • Free, open source software.